An Introduction: Welcome to The Writing Hustle

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Hello, hello everyone!

I’m psyched to finally be sharing this project with the world. I’ve been sitting on this idea for such a long time, but was worried about time. I’m the kind of person who, once I commit to something, I stick to it. After making some drastic schedule cuts and saying no to some other things, I decided to just go for it and pursue what I love to do.

So The Writing Hustle was born.


What this blog is all about

I created this new website to share valuable content about writing, filled with a ton of enthusiasm. After searching through a lot of writing blogs and sites, I couldn’t find one that was jam-packed with helpful and relevant information, but one that also seemed personal. That’s precisely why I decided to start this new site.

So here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to find here:

  • Writing tips and tricks, guides filled with information about things you can try out
  • Analyses of various young adult books, and what they’re doing right, and takeaways for your writing
  • Interviews and guest posts from other writers, freelance editors, and writing coaches
  • Case studies of work that I edit, to give you real world examples of how to make the revision process more effective
  • Posts about my current journey as a writer (current status: drafting!)
  • Inspiration + pep talks
  • A heck a of a lot of enthusiasm
  • …and more!

Basically, I want to create a personable, charming blog that is going to make the (let’s face it: slightly lonely) writing process way, way better.


What I’m all about

Some of you may already know me, as I’m the 3+ year blogger behind My Not So Real Life. And while that’s a venture I still love dearly, I’m going to be expanding a little more to include my other passions: to make books better and to write. (In case any of you are worried: yes, I will still continue to update my lovely book blog!).

Here’s the thing: so many freelance editors and writers in general are out of touch with the young adult market and teenagers in general, even though that’s what they’re writing. I want to bring in some additional knowledge that comes from reading so many books on a consistent basis, and from being so involved in the young adult publishing market over the last few years.

I’m all about books. I’m all about helping other people. I’m all about writing. This new venture gets to combine all three of those passions.

If you want to learn a little more, check out my about me page.


So am I. This is going to be a fantastic new venture.

If you want to follow along with this new blog, you can check out my (newly revamped!) Twitter, Tumblr, Bloglovin’ page (coming soon!), or just follow me via email in the lovely sidebar.

Are you as psyched as I am? Any questions for me? Is there anything you’d like to see on this blog? Let me know!

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  1. Aneeqah, I can’t even begin to describe how proud of you I am. You’re delving into a new project in such a hectic time and bringing something INCREDIBLY valuable to the writing world. I’m honored to be your friend and to see you grow on this new journey!

    Much love xoxo

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