About Us

Hey everyone, I’m Aneeqah! I’ve been a blogger over at My Not So Real Life for over five years now, and have read hundreds of books in that time. I got my start in middle school, when my awesome librarian started handing me some phenomenal young adult books, and encouraged me to start my own blog after co-blogging with her for a few months. The rest is history.

Currently, I’m a literary agent intern for two lovely agents, with a special emphasis on young adult books. I run a podcast called A Novel Chat, in which we dissect YA novels and give our lovely listeners book recommendations to fill every need. I also am currently studying literature in school.

I have fallen in love with the revision process, and am so enthusiastic and passionate about both books + helping other people that I just had to share my passion. So here you have it: The Writing Hustle.

If you’re wondering why you should work with me, I’ve got some answers for you:

  • Being a teenager means I’m very much in tune with the current-day young adult culture. Are you worried about authenticity, or voice? I can easily solve those issues for you, since I’m dealing with teenage issues right now.
  • I know what’s happening in the YA market. I’ve been a YA book blogger for nearly 4 years now, and have seen what works, and what doesn’t. Which means that I have a lot of added insight for your novel.
  • I’m a person of color (POC). My Pakistani heritage allows me to really delve into the nuances of different cultures. With a huge shift towards diversity in the reading market, it’s important to get these kinds of details right, especially for a teenager struggling with identity, so I’m here to help.

Contact me if you’re interested in working with me, or you can send me an email directly at mynotsorealife@gmail.com.